In Shropshire, close to the Welsh Border is the small village of Chirbury underneath Corndon Hill and Shepherd’s Rock which are part of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area is one that few visit, but is outstanding in beauty and scenery and has exceptional views.

Chirbury is a very small village but has a beautiful stone church, decent pub and many buildings that are traditional in Shropshire in a variety of designs and a quantity of small cottages.





Starting in the village of Chirbury, my route from August 2016 headed down a lane east before heading upward through lush green fields and some crops. Slowly the route rises and opens up views westward across the valley of the River Camlad towards Montgomery and along the Kerry Ridgeway. I continued to a minor road before taking the track and across common land to get to the top of Shepherd’s Rock. The common land is wild filled with grass and ferns. From Shepherd’s rock views are amazing with beauty as far as the eye can see and giving a true portrayal of the Welsh Borderlands over exceptional countryside. Views north can see towards the Shropshire Plain and East towards the Stiperstones and its rock formations, but the view west is outstanding with hills, valleys and green fields giving way to the occasional mountain in the distance.


Countryside just outside Chirbury


View South West


View South West


Shepherd’s Rocks

Heading south passes an interesting stone circle along with Corndon Hill being dominant along the track with views continuing to be excellent. Crossing into Wales the track continues with a gate and fence leading up sharply up towards the summit of Corndon Hill with its wild grassland and heather. The further up the hill, the better the views get and on the summit 360 degree views are outstanding across the Shropshire Hills and Welsh Borders and a huge variety in the landscape. The summit is an amazing place marked by a trig point at 513m above sea level.


Corndon Hill


Track looking South West towards the Kerry Ridgeway


Ascent of Corndon Hill


View North on the Ascent


Looking across to the Stiperstones from the summit


Summit of Corndon Hill looking West towards the Welsh Mountains

Continuing back down the hill, I the continued to follow the track descending slowly but still taking in beautiful scenery towards the Kerry Ridgeway. Once off the hill and back into farmland, paths are difficult to follow and good navigation is required. This carries on to through pastureland until descending into the valley of the River Camlad. It is a beautiful section of green woodland enclosed in a small gorge which is beautiful, green and broken by the occasional traditional cottage. The path follows the valley until meeting a lane which leads back to the start of the route in Chirbury.


Track on the Descent


View West


Looking towards the Kerry Ridgeway and the upper part of the River Camlad


Track towards Chirbury

Overall, the walking and scenery is terrific with outstanding views over all the surrounding borderland, Shropshire Hills and beyond. The area has a huge variety and is quiet with few people knowing of its beauty. It has been great to visit and explore the area around Corndon Hill and Chirbury.

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