My Name is Richard Price and I spend my days filling them with hiking, sightseeing, activities and adventure.

Embrace the nature and culture around you and enjoy it. Work to live not live to work. Take in what you can and don’t get lost in modern society.

A big outdoors, hiking and adventure enthusiast with interests also in travel, photography and nature. Moving around from place to place often with a backpack, camera, traditional OS map and tent on my side capturing nature and landscapes at their best, and continuously hunting for another great adventure or extraordinary place or landscape both here in the UK and abroad.

Most of my exploring is done on foot as it takes time to explore a location and range from day trips to multi-day backpacks visiting a variety of places not necessarily discovered by the masses. I also do some sightseeing and visiting some cities though the rural landscape is my passion. I have also been known to challenge myself physically in numerous challenges.

Good Countryside and adventure are everywhere

Step outside and remind yourself what is out there

Be inspired to get out and see the beauty of the world